Double lightning strike over Sao Paulo skyline

Nikon D800 : Nikkor 24mm PC : 6 sec: ISO 50 : f 6.7

Sao Paulo Night Light; the artificial and the natural.

Nikon D800 : Nikkor 24 PC : 13 sec : ISO 100 : f 6.7 

Airplane flying into Sao Paulo during a lightning storm

Nikon D800 : Nikkor 24mm PC : 6 sec: ISO 50 : f 6.7

Airplane over Sao Paulo

Nikon D800 : Nikkor 105mm Lens : 20 Seconds : f7.1 : ISO 50

Around the New Year I went to the Parque Estadual Albert Löefgren, also known as Horto Florestal in Sao Paulo with my friend and fellow photographer Aelson Luiz. 

Nikkor 24mm PC Lens

Turtle: This is MY rock.

Bird: Not for long tortoise head. My buddies bringin’ a stick see…

Lightning lights up the clouds and the Sao Paulo Skyline

Last night we had our first lightning storm in quite a while. Needless to say I was absolutely stoked. 

Nikkor 24mm PC : 6 Seconds : f 6.7 : ISO 50

Planes flying into Sao Paulo’s Congonhas Airport.

These two planes are different - you can see the different light patterns.

Top Photo : Nikkor 35mm : ISO 50 : 20 Sec : f 7.1

Bottom Photo : Nikkor 24mm PC : ISO 50 : 20 Sec : f 3.5

Tiago working in the garden. The birds love this tree.

A fire burns in Vila Madalena neighborhood in Sao Paulo.

Taking these photos just after sunset produces some great results.

Overlooking Sao Paulo on New Year’s Eve. Great view to watch the fireworks. Taken with Nikkor 24mm PC lens.